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These documents typically involve telephone, email, and financial records. Traditionally, courts have struggled with various theories of parole and probation to justify the complete denial of fourth amendment rights to the convicts on supervised release or probation. Recently, however, this rationale was rejected by Morrissey v. In general, the released offenders now have been afforded full Fourth Amendment protection with respect to searches performed by the law enforcement officials, and warrantless searches conducted by correctional officers at the request of the police have also been declared unlawful.

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Search and Seizure: Fourth Amendment Rights

Randolph , U. Arrests and Arrest Warrants. Use of Force in Resisting Arrest. Timely Arrests.

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Probable Cause and Probable Cause Hearings. Other Constitutional Rights. Right to a Speedy Trial.

Right to a Public Trial. Double Jeopardy. Discovery in Criminal Cases.

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  • Interviewing Prosecution Witnesses. Preserving Evidence. Hearsay in Criminal Cases. Stages of a Criminal Case. Stages of a Criminal Trial. Search Warrant Requirement.

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    Search and Seizure Rules. Consent to a Search. Consent to Home Searches. Car Searches. Searches Incident to Arrest. The Good-Faith Exception. The Patriot Act. The Knock-Notice Rule. Search Warrants. Drug Crimes.

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    Drug Manufacturing. Drug Possession. Drug Trafficking. Medical Marijuana. Drug Laws.

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    Felony Murder. First-Degree Murder. Involuntary Manslaughter. Second-Degree Murder. Vehicular Homicide. Voluntary Manslaughter. Aiding and Abetting. Federal Crimes.

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    Juvenile Crimes. Juvenile Delinquency. Status Offenses. Sentencing in Juvenile Court. Juveniles in Adult Court. Constitutional Rights for Juvenile Defendants. Confidentiality of Juvenile Court Records. Evading the Police. Criminal Trespass. Disorderly Conduct. Animal Cruelty and Neglect. Child Molestation Law. Child Pornography Law. Public Indecency. Sexual Assault. Sexual Misconduct. Statutory Rape. Auto Theft. Traffic Offenses.