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You can also try our in-depth public records search. With 51, people, San Juan County is the 16th most populous county in Utah. For the last year we have data, there were 8 violent crimes committed in San Juan County, which averages out to At that rate, San Juan County ranked 14th statewide when it comes to violent crimes per person. In terms of murder specifically, San Juan County ranked 5th in the state with 0 murders per person.

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Steve Miller's Famed San Juan Island Estate in Friday Harbor, Washington

You can also see criminal and arrest records for other Utah counties. Below you will find information on San Juan County clerk and courts.

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Use the resources below to perform a county docket search, case search or inmate lookup as a part of a basic background check. You may also be able to uncover circuit court records, outstanding warrants, sheriff and judicial records by visiting the clerk of courts site. Find out more about vital records for San Juan County, Utah.

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He and his mother signed the tax affadavit under the penalty of perjury, and they appear to lie. At the time of sale, according to RCW This means 1. Senator Kevin Ranker and his mother told the Department of Revenue, under the penalty of perjury, that this was a gift and no consideration was received.

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However, Ranker is in luck. Since he is a political insider and good friends with Randy Gaylord , who is the San Juan County Prosecutor , it is unlikely Ranker will be prosecuted. Laws like this only apply to the little people who are not state senators. Ferguson appears to also be using the office of AG as a tool to reduce liability for his political friends with patty-cake lawsuits and easy settlements see article linked here. It is also unlikely that Democrat Ferguson would want to prosecute a Democratic Party State Senator for tax evasion or falsifying documents provided to the Washington State Department of Revenue for personal gain.

As a side note, it looks like Ranker also failed to report the ownership of this property gifted from his mother on his Personal Financial Affairs forms filed with the Public Disclosure Commission see here.

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Failure to properly disclose property assets like this is also a violation of the law See RCW As has been customary for this author over the past few years see list here , a complaint on this violation has been submitted to the Public Disclosure Commission by the author. After being warned, he was arrested Olympia PD Incident for Disorderly Conduct , Resisting Arrest, and interfering with a public event see nearby report on the incident in the Olympian the next day. Ranker has not taken responsibility for his behavior that day. Rather, he has made a number of excuses.

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He has said everything from he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, to it was a case of mistaken identity, to the police were lying. None of these excuses are consistent with the facts. After his Evergreen College days, Ranker was the Executive Director of the Friends of the San Juans , an extremist environmental organization which this author has helped expose in the past for their harassment of property owners on the islands see article here , here , and here.

Ranker always lobbied for more taxes and always voted for them later when he was an elected official. During his tenure as Commissioner he first had an affair with the former county clerk Ann Larson, which has now become state wide news over her accusations that he later threatened the budget of the Washington State Fish and Wildlife agency where she worked unless she agreed to have sex with him again see original story in Seattle Times here , and other related stories linked here , here and here.

So far, he has succeeded in doing this. With his political allies enforcing the law, it is likely Ranker will get away with it and he can continue to break the law without consequences.

This allows websites both governmental and third party to offer these records online with increased reliability, thus ensuring Washington abides by the commitment of the United States of America to remain a fair and just society for all. In the state of Washington, government-generated records are all available to the public, but finding these records can prove difficult.

Learn how to locate the record you want, and how much it may cost. The state of Washington considers driving and drinking to be a serious offense, and punishes offenders with fines, restrictions, mandatory classes, and potential jail time. Learn what you need to know here. An arrest record serves as the first piece of evidence presented when a person is arrested by a police agency. They cannot be changed or altered after creation. Washington supports the national Freedom of Information Act with its own stateside law.

Learn more here. Public records here are available to the public by law. Clark County is the fifth most populated county in the state of Washington. The largest city in the county is Vancouver.