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Taxes are not pro-rated. Total amount of taxes must be received before account can be posted.

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Real Estate taxes become delinquent January 1. Additional delinquent charges are added after January 1. If your mortgage company has paid taxes and you receive a delinquent notice, contact mortgage company immediately verify parcel ID number and amounts they show as paid. Verify with Revenue Commission office payment being received and posted.

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If an over-payment was made, a refund will be issued to the original payer of taxes. Many new property owners often rely on the title company, or other representative to properly record their deed. However, the final responsibility is still yours, as the owner, to see that deeds are recorded and assessed.

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A new deed would require a new assessment. Present your recorded deed for assistance in completing your assessment return. Remember to file this assessment promptly after you receive your recorded deed to avoid increased customer traffic that occurs between October 1st — December 31st. Alabama follows a notice recording act for its deeds.

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The notice recording system uses recording to protect future bona fide purchasers buyers for value who acquire title to real property owned by an individual or entity who did not submit the conveyance for recording, but offers no protection against prior buyers For example, A sells land to B. B, in direct violation of Alabama law, fails to record the deed.

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Later, A sells the same land to C, who records the deed immediately. Because there was no record of the earlier transaction, C, the subsequent purchaser, keeps the land and B, the prior grantee, gets nothing.

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