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Transgender people seek the same opportunity to make their birth certificates match their present identity. Many—but not all—transgender people experience high levels of distress about their gender identity—but much of it, psychiatrists now believe, arises less from the identity itself but from the fact that society refuses to accept the gender identity they express.

Controversies continue over diagnostic criteria and the proper treatment of children with dysphoria. But the mainstream of science and medicine now recognizes transgender status as genuine. Whatever its clinical name, it is not a pathology. States will amend birth certificates for adopted children and for children conceived by artificial insemination. Why not for those who can provide medical documentation of their proper gender identity?

The opposition to recognition of transgender status makes the claim, first and foremost, that they are sticking up for science. There are two and only two sexes, male and female, they argue, and one is born one or the other. Behind the dispute, as Anderson readily admits, lurks a complex of beliefs that does not qualify as scientific—individual matters of conscience.

Here is our old friend Walter Plecker, enforcing binaries in the name of science. What is curious is that some people who claim skepticism of big government in other areas are eager for it in this one. We can trust government to determine who we really are, and to make us wear that label for life. They have stepped up for those whose voices, debilitated by raw discrimination, have been hushed into silence.

Virginia Legal DNA Paternity Testing To Change Name On Birth Certificate

They cannot wait for another generation, hoping for a lawmaker to act. They, like Linda Brown, took the steps to the courthouse to demand what is due: their right to exist, to live more and die less. Walter Plecker died before I was born. But I remember the last days of the system Plecker helped cement in place—a system where the state assigned individuals an identity at birth and used it to order every part of their lives. As Arica L. Coleman, the historian, documents in That the Blood Stay Pure, we are still recovering from this experiment in state regimentation of identity. We want to hear what you think about this article.

Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Angela Bridgman, a transgender woman and North Carolina resident, holds her birth certificate in May Since the March passage of the North Carolina HB2 law, she has taken to carrying her birth certificate that reflects her female gender. Garrett Epps is a contributing writer at The Atlantic.

Virginia Legal DNA Testing Laws & Statutes

He teaches constitutional law and creative writing for law students at the University of Baltimore. Enlarge the copy and lighten it as much as possible to be sure that it is clear and readable when sent to the Bureau. A signature under the copied ID is also required. Personal checks are not accepted. Personal identification is required for verification and a notarized letter before record will be sent.

Box Phoenix, AZ Some county offices in Arizona are able to provide certified copies of birth certificates. The State Office of Vital Records does not accept personal checks.

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Applicants must submit a copy of picture identification or have their request notarized and need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope. This is a recorded message. Box Sacramento, CA For earlier records, contact the County Recorder in the county where the event occurred. Please do not send cash.

This will be a recorded message, with an option to talk to a customer service representative. In order to obtain a Certified Copy you MUST complete the sworn statement included with the birth certificate application form, sign the statement under penalty of perjury and, your sworn statement must be notarized. If your request indicates that you want a Certified Copy but does not include a notarized statement sworn under penalty of perjury, the request will be rejected as incomplete and returned to you without being processed.

Department of State. Remittance must be payable in U. No credit cards or cash accepted. Telephone or facsimile requests are not accepted.

Acknowledgment of Paternity Form (AOP)

A signed and notarized written request must be submitted along with a copy of the requester's valid photo identification. State office also has birth records for some counties for years before A request for a birth record must be accompanied by a photo copy of the requestor's identification before processing.

Requests for certified copies may also be submitted to the State Vital Records Office. If a photo ID is not available, photocopies of two alternative forms of identification may be accepted. Payment for requests sent to the town of the vital event must be in the form of a check or money order made payable to the respective town or city. Requests sent to the State vital Records Office require a postal money order made payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut. A copy of a government issued picture identification must accompany each request.

How to get your Virginia Birth Certificate at the Virginia DMV

To verify current fees and obtain general information, the telephone number is The majority of records date from January Fee includes one certification of record if found or statement stating record not on file. Birth records in Florida are confidential by law. Please visit our website for information on eligibility.

For earlier records in Atlanta or Savannah or other cities or counties, write to the Vital Records Office in the county where the event occurred.

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Box Honolulu, HI Box Boise, ID For records from to , write to County Recorder in county where event occurred. Records are legally confidential for years. Applicants must provide a government-issued photo identification with signature.

If this is not available, the applicant must provide a copy of two forms of identification with one having a signature. For earlier records and for copies of State records since January , write to County Clerk in county where event occurred county fees vary.

If the record is found, one certification is issued at no additional charge. Box Indianapolis, IN For earlier records, write to Health Officer in city or county where event occurred. Applicant must provide a photocopy of a valid identification with picture and signature along with the application. Proof of relationship may be required. Applicants for all records must provide a photo identification when applying in person. Written applications must include a clear photo copy of a current government issued ID and applicant's notarized signature. For earlier records, write to County Clerk in county where event occurred.

Personal checks are accepted.

This will be a recorded message with the option to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Fees for mail-in services are payable by check or money order. A copy of a valid photo ID for the applicant is required. Box New Orleans, LA Records from housed at the Maine State Archives. For earlier records, write to the municipality where the event occurred. To verify current fees, the telephone number is , or toll-free at Box Baltimore, MD Records for city of Baltimore are available from January For genealogical studies and older records, you must apply through the Maryland State Archives, Rowe Blvd.